Where are the Pipelines

Since pipelines are located underground and are not visible to the eye, CoServ Gas uses line markers to identify the proximity of the pipeline. The markers are placed to help you, our Customer, as well as any individual or company planning to excavate.

The marker will typically provide the name of the gas company, the contents of the pipeline, and an emergency phone number. While markers play an important role in identifying pipelines, they are not used to give depth or exact locations. The only way to ensure the location of a pipeline is to practice the “call before you dig” rule. 

Pipeline markers are important for the safety of the general public. It is a federal crime for any person to willfully deface, remove or destroy any pipeline sign or marker. Contact information: To report an emergency, call 911 and immediately notify CoServ Gas at (884) 330-0763. Please do NOT report gas emergencies (including leaks) via email, the Web or social media.