What happened to CoServ's energy rebates?

Since 2009, CoServ has offered a rebate program to help Members save energy and money. The program included rebates on energy-efficient items ranging from LEDs and pool pumps to water heaters and HVAC units.

At the time, Members paid a premium for such energy-efficient products, and the rebates encouraged these purchases by helping cut their overall cost.

Over the past few years, technology has improved and the cost of these energy-efficient products has declined. Today, efficiency is the status quo, and it is practically impossible to purchase energy-using products that aren’t efficient. For example, LED lighting is now standard, and it is difficult to even find traditional incandescent lightbulbs on store shelves. Because of this, CoServ has discontinued its rebate program as it has been previously offered.

However, we are still focused on helping Members save energy and money.

In addition to continuing to offer Energy Assessments that can help you pinpoint savings opportunities in your home, CoServ is redirecting funds formerly reserved for rebates to new programs that support the use of renewable energy and help reduce electricity usage during peak periods (thereby saving money for all of CoServ’s Members). Details for these programs will be posted here in the next few months.

We thank all Members who have participated in our rebate program in the past, and we look forward to serving them in the future.