2017 Residential Rebate Program

Funding for all 2017 rebates have been depleted.

Reducing the amount of energy used in your home is easier than ever when you install energy efficient products. That's why CoServ is pleased to offer the comprehensive 2017 Residential Rebate Program. This year, rebates under $500 are paid as an account credit. 
  • Central HVAC RebateIf your unit is ready to be replaced, we’ve added rebates between $80 to $155 per ton depending on your purchase from 16 SEER to 21 SEER and higher. New home construction also qualifies but the system must be a minimum of 17 SEER. Upgrade and watch the energy savings begin.
  • Heat Pump RebateMembers who replace existing HVAC system (in electric-only, single-family homes) are eligible to receive rebates from $80 to $160 per ton starting at 16 SEER ratings and including ground-source heat pumps. New Home construction also qualifies for this rebate.
  • Heat Pump Water Heater Rebate—In electric-only, single-family homes, take advantage of a $150 rebate by purchasing and installing a high-efficiency heat pump water heater (2.0 EF or higher). Per ENERGY STAR®, these units are up to 200 percent more efficient than a standard electric water heater.
  • LED Rebate—Residential Members who replace inefficient lighting in their home with Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are eligible to receive a rebate of $2 per bulb (5 bulbs minimum to 20 bulbs maximum).
  • Pool Pump (High Efficiency Variable-Speed) Rebate—In addition to the $100 rebate, these pumps increase savings by lowering energy use by as much as 75 percent. Replace your existing pump with a qualified variable speed unit. 
  • Solar Energy Rebate 
  • Solar Water Heater Rebate—Replace your existing solar water heater with one that meets SRCC OG-300 standards and you'll be eligible to receive a $250 rebate. 
  • Tax Credits, Deductions and Programs—Research a variety of tax credits and deductions available for residential and commercial consumers.