Central HVAC Rebate

Funding for all 2017 rebates have been depleted.

In 2017, Members who replace their complete HVAC system are eligible to receive rebates for the following purchases:

 Central HVAC
16 SEER* $80 per ton rebate
17 SEER** $95 per ton rebate
18 SEER $110 per ton rebate
19 SEER $125 per ton rebate
20 SEER $140 per ton rebate
21+ SEER  $155 per ton rebate


The rebates for this program apply for replacement of a complete HVAC system at any single-family home and new-home construction. Members must provide a copy of the receipt along with a copy of the Air-Conditioning Heating and Refrigeration Institute (“AHRI”) certificate from the installing contractor for verification purposes. Rebate applications must be received within 90 days of purchase. 

* 16 SEER is the minimum for replacement.

**17 SEER is the minimum for new-home construction.


Rebate Program questions?

Please email save@coserv.com or call (940) 270-6860.

Rebates are available only for qualifying purchases and/or services. The availability of the Rebate Program is limited and rebates will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis. When funds have been depleted, the Rebate Program will no longer be available until the next year pending Board approval. Members must submit the appropriate application form and required documentation to be eligible for rebates. CoServ reserves the right to inspect the Member’s property and equipment associated with a rebate request to determine eligibility. CoServ is not a party to any agreement between the Member and any service provider hired by the Member to install equipment (i.e., heat pumps or solar panels) in order to qualify for a rebate. The Member and such service provider are solely responsible for satisfying rebate eligibility requirements.