CoServ helps power education

LEFT: Alphonso Williams, Justin Porterfield, and Randy Copeland. Photo by KEN OLTMANN
LEFT: Alphonso Williams, Justin Porterfield, and Randy Copeland. Photo by KEN OLTMANN

CoServ’s Energy Education Team just wrapped up one of the busiest school years they’ve ever had.

The Energy Education Team visited nearly 100 schools last school year across CoServ’s service territory, presenting in front of thousands of children. The children built electric circuits, played POWERrace® and watched arcing demonstrations with high-voltage electricity.

All these activities have one thing in common: a focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education.

“This has been an electrifying year for us, no pun intended,” said Whitney Gohlke, Manager of Academic Initiatives. “Our Energy Education Specialists do an outstanding job of keeping students engaged while taking a deeper dive into understanding the basics of electricity. Building the relationships between the students, teachers, schools and community is our number-one priority with educational and fun experiences a close second!”

They also attended career day events, including somewhere they brought a CoServ lineman, who would demonstrate a bucket truck and even take the teachers up in the bucket, and a natural gas demonstration, which shows how natural gas is delivered to your home.

Next school year, the Energy Education Team will debut a new scaled-down arcing demonstration that can be done on a table in the classroom. CoServ PowerTown® will plug into a regular wall outlet and will be energized. The energy education specialist will wear insulated gloves – just like our actual linemen – to show how the electricity would arc if someone came in contact with it.

Energy Education Team Stats

August – End of School Year (approx.)

  • 91 Schools Visited
  • 12,900 Total Students

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