CoServ launches new Budget Billing option

Members and Customers can sign up for both Budget Billing plans in SmartHub.
Members and Customers can sign up for both Budget Billing plans in SmartHub.

Everyone likes predictability when it comes to utility bills. But trying to predict your electricity bill during a long, hot Texas summer is challenging.

This year, CoServ expanded its Budget Billing payment plan so Members and Customers can pick the one that best fits their lifestyle.

The Fixed Budget Billing plan allows Members and Customers to pay the same amount every month for six months. Every April and October, the amount owed is recalculated by adding or subtracting overpayments and underpayments (credits or debits) and then averaging the bill from the last 12 months. This keeps your bill amount the same for six months with the possibility of a greater increase or decrease when your account is recalculated in April and October.

CoServ’s new Average Budget Billing plan recalculates monthly, rather than every six months. Under this payment plan, the balance forward – either credit or debit – is divided by six and subtracted or added to your 12-month average. Rather than having two recalculations per year with a possible larger change, Average Budget Billing does a ‘mini’ recalculation every month so the budget amount doesn’t change as much.

Budget Billing can be combined with AutoPay and paperless billing to further streamline your life.

SmartHub Tips & Tools

CoServ makes it easy for Members to manage their usage, stay in the know with important updates and get the most out of their service by enrolling in one of our billing options.

While we can’t make the outside temperature any cooler, we can make managing your electric account a little easier, with the SmartHub app!

Usage Alerts

Members can set up usage alerts to choose how and when to get notifications by going to the notifications setting in SmartHub. You can also set up daily thresholds where you’ll be alerted if they surpassed a predetermined usage the prior day.

Home Energy Calculator

Ever wonder how much electricity certain appliances use? CoServ’s Home Energy Calculator provides Members with a personalized breakdown of appliances, weather and billing information. It will give tailored recommendations to pinpoint energy-saving opportunities!

Additional Time To Pay & Billing Options

You can request additional time to pay, if eligible, or enroll in one of our billing options, like Auto Pay or Budget Billing, all from within your online account.

Manage Notifications

Set up important notification settings so that you are always the first to know about things like outages and restoration times at your location, monthly digital newsletters and other important information.

Usage Comparison & Explorer

Electricity usage can be broken down into 15-minute increments that can be compared to other periods to see if your usage is higher or lower. You can also compare a particular day or compare every Friday, for example. You can also compare week to week or month to month from previous years.