CoServ Member wins ‘electric lottery’ with a year of free electricity

Winner of CoServ's Free Year of Electricity ($3,600 value) Cheryl Dixon in her apartment in Frisco, Texas.
Winner of CoServ's Free Year of Electricity ($3,600 value) Cheryl Dixon in her apartment in Frisco, Texas.

It was a scorching hot Fourth of July when Cheryl Dixon stopped by the CoServ Corral booth at Frisco Freedom Fest. The first thing she noticed was the friendliness of the CoServ Employees, executives and Board of Directors who were handing out giveaways and signing people up for monthly bill credit drawings. That wasn’t a surprise – she said it matched her previous interactions with CoServ.

When she signed up for the monthly $50 bill credit, she was automatically entered into CoServ’s grand prize drawing: A Year of Free Electricity. CoServ had 10 Member-Customer Appreciation events at community events throughout our service territory where we signed up nearly 2,000 Members for the grand prize. These events are an excellent opportunity for our Members and Customers to interact with us, ask questions and receive some fantastic giveaways.

But there could be only one grand prize winner. After the last event, CoServ threw all the entries into a randomizing software and let it draw the winning Member.

On a December afternoon, Cheryl received a phone call from Glen Squibb, CoServ’s Director of Community Engagement, saying she had won a year of free electricity.

“Are you kidding me? I can’t believe that. You don’t know how much of a blessing that is to me. Wait until I tell my daughter,” Cheryl said upon learning she’d won.  “This is wonderful!”

On Jan. 5, a group of CoServ Employees showed up at her home to formally congratulate her. Like many Members, inflation hit Cheryl’s budget in 2022, and she often found herself pinching pennies to make ends meet.

“This is the electric lottery. It’s been a tough year financially. It’s wonderful. It brings joy to my heart. It gives me a sigh of relief. I can breathe. That’s one bill I don’t have to worry about,” she said. “It just makes life a little sweeter and lighter.”

Cheryl has been a CoServ Member for three years, and she said she’s always had a positive experience when she calls in.

“I like customer service, and everybody was friendly, warm, and down-to-earth whenever I’ve had to call. Even having a conversation with you instead of rushing you off the phone; makes you feel like you’re a person instead of a number. That’s the best thing right there. They’re great, and everybody loves their job. I ask them, ‘You sound like you love your job.’ They say, ‘We do.’”

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