CoServ’s Budget Billing smooths out the spikes from Texas summers and winters

You’ve probably heard the old adage about Texas weather: if you don’t like it, just wait 20 minutes! But whoever spoke those words clearly wasn’t factoring in 100-degree August days or winter freezes, nor did they probably have to worry about the subsequent energy bill.

Extreme seasonal temperature swings can create headaches for your home and business’s usage, resulting in fluctuating bills from month to month. Sweltering summer days will demand more out of your air conditioning unit, and a sudden cold snap can cause temperatures to plummet 30-40 degrees in a single day. In such an unpredictable climate, how is one to manage?

For CoServ Members and Customers, the answer to the dreaded summer or winter energy bill is quite simple: Budget Billing.

Budget Billing makes it easier for Electric Members and Gas Customers to bear those extreme temperature swings by smoothing out the highest highs and lowest lows, averaging your previous 12 bills to produce a steady monthly payment that’s less temperamental than the Texas weather to give you some much-needed peace of mind.

The Budget Billing amount you pay is recalculated every April and October and takes into account any accumulated unpaid balances or credits you may have before rolling that into your new Budget Billing amount.

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