How to wrangle in high energy bills this summer with SmartHub

For Members who want to track their electricity usage this summer, CoServ makes it easy with the various tools inside the CoServ App and SmartHub.

These tools help empower Members to take charge of their electricity usage and stay informed.

Here are tips, programs and other assistance to help Members and Customers manage high bills this summer.

Keep tabs on usage and budget with My Usage

Electric Consumption

When electricity is consumed is just as important as how much is used.

Wholesale electricity on a hot summer afternoon costs CoServ more than in the middle of the night. That cost will ultimately be passed down to Members by adjusting the Power Cost Recovery Factor (PCRF).

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Budget Gauge

Budget Gauge allows Members to set and track a monthly target to help avoid unexpected high utility bills.

It uses the targeted budget amount set, in conjunction with daily usage to let Members know if they are on track to meet their target budgeted amount.

Home Energy Calculator

Members can learn more about their home and how it effects their bills.

The Home Energy Calculator provides Members with a breakdown of their energy based on home inputs, weather, and billing information.

It will even give tailored recommendations to pinpoint energy-saving opportunities!

Enroll in Summer Savings

Summer Savings Rate Plan

CoServ‘s Summer Savings rate plan is perfect for Members who can shift electric usage away from the hottest part of the day.

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Stay up to date with Notifications

Usage Alerts

One of the best things Members can do is to set up usage alerts through notification settings in SmartHub.

Members choose how and when to get notifications if their hourly or daily electricity usage has reached
a predetermined threshold the day before.

Request additional time to pay

Payment Extension

CoServ offers payment extensions to help those Members who need extra time to pay their bill. Members must meet eligibility requirements.

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Everything you need to know about Budget Billing!

In addition to the numerous tools that CoServ offers its Members and Customers to help them take control of their energy usage, Budget Billing is another way Members can take the uncertainty out of their summer bills.

Budget Billing averages usage so the same amount is paid every month, protecting Members from the extreme swings of seasonal temperatures. The Budget Billing amount is recalculated every six months to ensure that Members neither overpay nor underpay.

Budget Billing gives our Members peace of mind because their bills are predictable even during the hottest summer or coldest winter.

  • Both Residential Electric Members and Gas Customers are eligible
  • Budget Billing can be combined with any of CoServ’s rate options and Auto Pay
  • At least six months of billing history is required at a service location to enroll
  • Before signing up, accounts must be at a zero balance
  • Accounts must be kept current to remain eligible
  • Every six months the bill amount is recalculated. The new monthly budget amount will be available to view before the next bill cycle begins.

Do you need proof of residency to register your child for school?

Log in to SmartHub:

  1. Click “Billing History” in the left sidebar menu.
  2. Select the correct account from the drop-down menu.
  3. Click “View Bill” to download and/or print out a PDF of your bill.

Haven’t enrolled in SmartHub?

You will need your account number. You can find it on the upper right portion of your bill.

Need help?

You can reach our Customer Care Specialists at [email protected].