Step back in time with alpacas at the TX-Ture Farm in Aubrey

Annemick and Russell Foster. Photos by BRIAN ELLEDGE
Annemick and Russell Foster. Photos by BRIAN ELLEDGE

There’s something different about the TX-Ture Farm in Aubrey.

Your senses pick up on it the moment you step out of the car. Hundreds of young Christmas trees grow in a field awaiting the day they’ll be handpicked for someone’s living room. Another field has rows of lavender plants that emit a unique aroma perfect for making homemade soap.

Then, there’s the alpacas. Grab a bag of food, step into their pasture, and watch the herd run. Their legs seem to take them one way while their long necks appear to go another.


TX-Ture Farm was born out of the need for families to find ways to get out of the house during the COVID-19 pandemic when many businesses were shut down. As restrictions were lifted, they added more experiences to their farm, including alpaca yoga, walking an alpaca, making your own lavender soap, picking your own Christmas tree, or the annual Shearing Fest every April. Russell and his wife Annemick walked away from their corporate jobs and decided to start a farm that would work for them. Using ingenuity, creativity and a lot of hard work, the couple has done exactly that.

Their son Sean was 14 years old when he hand built the tables and other furniture inside the barn.

The wood for the tabletops came from large power line spools like the ones that CoServ uses when they install new wire.

“Everything we’re doing here is bringing the quintessential farm experience,” said co-owner Russell Foster. “It’s all about getting out there and doing something you haven’t done before. We constantly push ourselves to make even more incredible experiences.”

From the honey to the soap to the scarfs made from alpaca fiber, the TX-Ture Farm prides itself on being all-natural. As the name implies, this farm is about feeling, smelling, tasting, and seeing.

We’re proud to power the many unique businesses and one-of-a-kind experiences like TX-Ture Farm throughout North Texas.

TX-Ture Farm
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