Tips and technology to save Members money this summer

CoServ wants to help our Members keep costs down as much as possible this summer.

Did you know that the weather is the biggest factor impacting your utility bill? CoServ has made it easy to save with these energy efficiency tips for your home. Tips include where to set your thermostat, when to run your pool pump and how to get the most out of curtains and ceiling fans.

CoServ also employs the latest technology to empower our Members to take control of their energy usage. By utilizing their online account through SmartHub or the CoServ App, Members can track electricity consumption, compare it to past billing periods, analyze usage on a particular day of the week and break it down into 15-minute increments. Members will receive emails or notifications if electricity consumption passes a preset threshold. That way, CoServ Members can check their daily usage rather than be surprised when they receive their bill. This puts Members in the drivers' seat so they can change their usage habits if they wish during the billing period. Read more about SmartHub usage alerts here.

When Members consume electricity is just as important as how much - especially during summer afternoons. Wholesale electricity costs CoServ more during periods of high demand, typically between 3 p.m. and 8 p.m. during the summer. The less everyone consumes during that time, the better because the cost to buy electricity affects next month's PCRF.

CoServ's Energy Services Department buys blocks of power ahead of time to lock in the price when it anticipates higher prices are coming. That means CoServ buys less power on the spot market during periods of high demand, which helps keep prices down.

CoServ's Summer Savings rate offers a significantly cheaper rate for electricity used during off-peak times from 8:01 p.m. through 2:59 p.m. The goal is to encourage Members to shift power use, including big appliances and charging electric vehicles away from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. Learn more about the Summer Savings rate here.

For Members with Nest Thermostats, CoServ offers Rush Hour Rewards where Members can earn $10 bill credits per month from May 21 through Sept. 30 just for allowing their thermostat to be raised a few degrees during peak demand events. Click here for more information.

Texas is known for its hot summers and the winters can be unpredictable, too. With Budget Billing, CoServ Members pay the same amount every month. That amount is based on a yearly average of their usage. The amount is recalculated every six months to ensure that you neither overpay or underpay. Signing up is easy through your SmartHub account.

Higher energy bills combined with overall inflation and the aftereffects of the COVID-19 pandemic have created financial hardships for many of our neighbors. When we say we're powering community, it isn't just about providing energy. Since 2004, the CoServ Charitable Foundation has provided $15.3 million in grants to nonprofits, the majority of which are located in the communities we serve. That includes contributions to social service agencies that help North Texans pay their bills, including rent, mortgage and utilities. Click here to learn more about these agencies.

If Members need more time to pay their bill, payment extensions are available. The easiest way to request a payment extension is through SmartHub. Members must meet eligibility requirements. Click here for more information on payment due date extensions.

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