Who is Mr. Diggs?

A sit-down interview with the friendly mascot of CoServ Gas

A conversation with Mr. Diggs
Ever wanted to learn more about the friendly mascot of CoServ Gas? This first-of-its-kind sit-down interview is your chance!

Although Mr. Diggs has been the mascot of CoServ Gas for close to a decade, surprisingly little has been known about him until recently. In sitting down with the mascot, I sought to learn a little more about what makes him tick.

Humble beginnings

Interviewer: Let’s start at the beginning. Where were you born and when?

Mr. Diggs: Oh, starting from square one I see. I like it! I was born right here in Corinth in 2013.

Interviewer: Oh, wow, so you’re only nine?

Mr. Diggs: Yep, but don’t mistake youth for ignorance!

Interviewer: So, just to make sure I have this right, you’re essentially saying a North Texas gas distribution company chose a newborn armadillo to be its mascot in 2013. Interesting. Does that mean you were literally born to do this?

Mr. Diggs (smirking): You may have noticed but I’m a seven-foot-tall anthropomorphic armadillo with a hard hat and tool belt. I’d say, I pretty well fit the bill for a gas company looking to raise awareness about safe digging practices around gas lines.

Interviewer: I’m still just trying to process that you’re only nine years old.

Mr. Diggs: I get it. But it’s not the same as it is for people, you know? One way to think about it is in terms of dog years. One year for a person is roughly equal to seven years for a dog. In that same way, nine years for an armadillo isn’t the same as it is for a person.”

Interviewer: Fair enough. I’ve just never met a nine-year-old who can palm and dunk a basketball before.

Life outside work

But let’s talk about your life outside of work for a moment. What do you do for fun?

Mr. Diggs: I tend to stay plugged in to different community events. Festivals, farmer’s markets, you name it. Oh, and game days in Frisco are a must.

Interviewer: Yeah? You’re a big fan of the Frisco RoughRiders and FC Dallas then?

Mr. Diggs: Absolutely, and don’t forget the Texas Legends. The games are great but what’s even more remarkable is how those organizations partner with CoServ in numerous community initiatives we undertake across North Texas. Whether it’s helping impoverished children and families, donating meals during the holidays, recognizing and donating to the many great non-profits we have here in North Texas–not to mention honoring local teachers for their outstanding work.

It’s incredibly gratifying to serve our communities and help make a difference.


Interviewer: So, what all does your work as the mascot of CoServ Gas entail?

Mr. Diggs (snorting): I mean, what don’t I do, really? I handle a lot of safety training; I partner with the Energy Education Team and travel to schools all across our service territories, and I do these community and Appreciation Events. It’s a tough job but I love it. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be the face of a great company like CoServ?

Interviewer: That’s a full schedule. That’s got to be exhausting, right, especially given your…attire?

Mr. Diggs: My attire? Oh, you mean the shell. Yeah, it does get pretty toasty, and it certainly makes clothes shopping a bit of a headache.

Interviewer: I can only imagine. Do you cut out holes for your tail?

Mr. Diggs: Oh, great movie!

Interviewer: Holes? Do you mean the Shia LaBeouf Disney movie?

Mr. Diggs: Such an underrated film. I must’ve watched it a hundred times by now. At least.

Interviewer: …Because it involves digging a lot of holes and you, as a man-sized armadillo, love digging holes. Or is it because it’s a legitimately good movie?

Mr. Diggs: Yes.

Growing role with the cooperative

Interviewer: Let’s stay on the topic of digging. You mentioned earlier that CoServ was looking for a mascot to help raise awareness about safe digging practices around gas lines. Is that your primary responsibility at CoServ, or do you branch out to other parts of the company, such as the electric co-op side as well?

Mr. Diggs: Initially, I was brought in specifically to serve as the mascot for the gas side of the business, but I do make non-gas-related appearances at various events throughout the year as well.

Interviewer: Fair enough. What’s the best part of your job?

Mr. Diggs: Anything that allows me to get out and meet people in our service territories, whether for a community partnership or an education-related event. I also love the freedom to learn new things and grow as an individual.

Interviewer:  Is that the best career advice you would give someone?

Mr. Diggs: Of course. The world moves fast. We always need to strive for growth and development, be it a new skill or trade or your own personal self-improvement.

I’ve always loved CoServ’s dedication to community and its neighbors. In the 1930s, there was a need in rural North Texas and those farmers and ranchers came together to create a co-op to electrify the area for the first time. They also gave people a voice in shaping the future of their co-op, enabling us to grow with the area itself. Then in 1998, CoServ Gas was born, which eventually led to me being here.

Future plans?

Interviewer: Last question. You said armadillo years are kind of like dog years earlier. That being the case, do you still have a long career and life ahead of you after nine years?

Mr. Diggs (smirking): Oh, I’ll be around for a long, long time. I have no plans for retirement and intend to do whatever CoServ needs as we continue to serve our Members and Customers with safe, reliable services and empower our communities.