Your CoServ bill will debut a new look in 2023

We listened to your feedback and will be rolling out a brand-new bill in 2023! We value our Members and Customers, so when you asked for a simpler, easy to understand bill - we made it happen!

  1. Account Summary: Streamlined to provide important account information such as what you paid last month and how much you owe this month.
  2. MESSAGE CENTER: Redesigned with you in mind. More room for the messages that are most important to you.
  3. TOTAL AMOUNT DUE: Amount owed and due date are now easier to find.
  4. NEW! Energy Snapshot: Includes the average outdoor temperature, a monthly usage comparison, and an average daily cost comparison
    giving you a clear picture of how your current bill and usage compares to previous months. Detailed information such as the customer charge and energy charges are now located under this section as well.

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