What to expect on your March bill

Energy prices continued to fall in February and CoServ was able to pass on these savings by lowering the electric and natural gas rates again. These market forces affect all utilities in Texas but, as an electric cooperative, CoServ doesn’t mark up electricity for profit. CoServ’s electric rate went down by more than a penny…

Auto shop owners trade in wrench for Tinman Social

A road widening project put a fork in the road for the business owners, so they ultimately decided to launch an entertainment venue.

CoServ recognizes gas technicians

March 18 is Natural Gas Utility Workers’ Day, the perfect time to recognize Gas techs who ensure safe, reliable delivery of natural gas.

CoServ improves reliability score for 2022

For CoServ, reliability is a team effort that starts at the executive level and extends down to every department in the cooperative.

What happens when an underground electric line is hit

CoServ breaks down what happens when an underground electric line is hit and how we are able to restore power before making the repair.

How gas regulator stations keep the pressure up when the mercury drops

Natural gas demand increases when the weather’s cold so CoServ Gas uses regulator stations to increase pressure in the system.

POWERtown™ teaches valuable lessons at area schools

CoServ’s Energy Education Team uses POWERtown™ presentation to demonstrate scenarios where people could come across power lines.

Grandscape searches the world for unique tenants

The Grandscape development in The Colony features restaurants from India, Paris, Chicago and Denton’s own LSA Burger. 

CoServ’s Budget Billing smooths out the spikes from Texas summers and winters

Budget Billing makes it easier to bear those extreme temperature swings by smoothing out the highest highs and lows.

Looking ahead to a brighter future

Securitization will have the least impact on our Members and provide the co-op with the financial flexibility we need to continue serving our Members while adding thousands of new meters every year.