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What to expect on your July bill

June brought the heat so electricity usage will be up but Members will also pay less per kilowatt-hour, as CoServ passes on energy savings.

CoServ linemen power growth in Pilot Point

CoServ linemen installed new concrete poles with enough capacity to serve thousands of new homes in Mobberly Farms.

CoServ on the Road Tour 2024: Celina

The fastest-growing city in North Texas has transformed into a vibrant, one-of-a-kind destination that’s family friendly.

How to beat the heat this summer

If last summer is any indication, the Texas heat is on full blast and will only creep higher in July and August.

Home runs for all: Miracle League levels the playing field

Children of all abilities and talents gather to play a game where everyone bats, everyone scores and everyone wins.

CoServ brings the cool with AC and fan deliveries

These will be a lifesaver for CoServ Members and Customers in need as temperatures soar over 100 degrees this summer.

Hearts for Homes builds home for Pilot Point seniors with assist from CCF

On May 17, the Hessels were officially handed the keys to their new three-bedroom, two-bath house in downtown Pilot Point, built in the same spot…

What to expect on your June bill

Despite heavy rains, May 2024 was warmer than the same month last year, meaning CoServ Members should expect slightly higher electricity usage.