What to expect on your April bill

The weather in March 2024 hit the sweet spot in North Texas – not too hot or too cold. As a result, energy usage should be lower this month.

Recalculation coming for Fixed Budget Billing

April is a budget billing recalculation month for those on the Fixed Budget Billing plan, meaning the amount due will be adjusted.

What to expect on your March bill

Spring came early to North Texas this year, resulting in lower energy usage for CoServ electric Members and gas Customers.

What to expect on your February bill

Although Winter Storm Heather didn’t bring much snow or ice, the freezing temps from Jan. 14 through 17 did cause an increase in energy use.

UNCOVERING ENERGY WASTERS: How our experts can help you identify and eliminate them for a more efficient home

The Energy Solutions Specialist finds solutions to CoServ Member’s energy concerns by doing free Energy Assessments.

CoServ is ready for winter. Are you? We can help

As your trusted energy advisor, we also want to make sure your homes and businesses are prepared for freezing temperatures and precipitation.

Watch out for scammers this holiday season

As you clean house, take vacations, go to parties and entertain, you might not remember if you paid your bill on time. Scammers count on it.

Winter Savings Series: The time to prepare for winter is now

As your trusted energy adviser, CoServ wants our Members and Customers to know the small things they can do to reduce energy usage.

What to expect on your September bill

The mercury topped 100 degrees or higher on all but seven days, the average high was 104.2 degrees and there wasn't a trace of rain.

CoServ retires record $16M in Capital Credits as a credit on August bills

CoServ Members will receive a credit on their August bill as your electric co-op retires a record $16 million in Capital Credits.