Watch out for scammers this holiday season

As you clean house, take vacations, go to parties and entertain, you might not remember if you paid your bill on time. Scammers count on it.

Winter Savings Series: The time to prepare for winter is now

As your trusted energy adviser, CoServ wants our Members and Customers to know the small things they can do to reduce energy usage.

Get to know your co-op: CoServ Customer Care (Part 2)

Quality Assurance and Energy Solutions play a critical role in providing CoServ Members and Customers with excellent Customer Care.

What to expect on your September bill

The mercury topped 100 degrees or higher on all but seven days, the average high was 104.2 degrees and there wasn't a trace of rain.

Get to know your co-op: CoServ Customer Care (Part 1)

Dig into CoServ's Customer Care Center's Contact Center and the Training and Implementation team work together to help Members.

CoServ retires record $16M in Capital Credits as a credit on August bills

CoServ Members will receive a credit on their August bill as your electric co-op retires a record $16 million in Capital Credits.

What to expect on your August bill

CoServ maintained the electric rate for the fourth month in a row and eligible Members will receive Capital Credits.

CoServ launches new Budget Billing option

This year, CoServ expanded its Budget Billing payment plan so Members and Customers can pick the one that best fits their lifestyle.

CoServ announces election results, Capital Credit retirement and more at 2023 Virtual Annual Meeting

Incumbents Chris McCraw and Bill Ragsdale were elected to the CoServ Board of Directors along with newcomer William Kollar.

New CoServ Budget Billing plan reduces surprises with monthly recalculations

With Average Budget Billing, the balance forward is divided by six and subtracted or added to your monthly average.