What to expect on your March bill

Energy prices continued to fall in February and CoServ was able to pass on these savings by lowering the electric and natural gas rates again. These market forces affect all utilities in Texas but, as an electric cooperative, CoServ doesn’t mark up electricity for profit. CoServ’s electric rate went down by more than a penny…

Pre-Christmas cold snap leads to higher bills this month

Usage for those few days could four times higher than the average for the month of December. We explain why and what you can do to monitor your usage before the next cold snap. 

Winter Savings Series: Special Safety Edition

CoServ stays prepared for any weather conditions that could cause interruptions for our Members and Customers; winter is no exception.

Your CoServ bill will debut a new look in 2023

CoServ listened to your feedback and designed a new streamlined bill that’s easier to read and understand for Members.

Quick tips for winter energy efficiency

Winter temperatures are fast approaching and that means it’s time for a quick refresher on how to save money when it’s cold outside.

Record-breaking heat, record electric bills

CoServ Members are having sticker shock when they open electric bills this summer as the cost of electricity has gone up as well as usage.

How to wrangle in high energy bills this summer with SmartHub

For Members who want to track their electricity usage this summer, CoServ makes it easy with the various tools inside the CoServ App and SmartHub.

What is causing high bills, the PCRF explained and how CoServ is different

This year, as summer energy prices and consumer inflation soar, all Texans should expect to pay more per kilowatt-hour for electricity this summer. Article updated to reflect the current PCRF As temperatures rise, so does energy consumption and ultimately your utility bills. This year, as summer energy prices and consumer inflation soars, all Texans should…

Tips and technology to save Members money this summer

CoServ wants to help Members keep costs down this summer. Did you know that the weather is the biggest factor impacting your utility bill?

CoServ’s cooperative advantage shines through this energy crisis

CoServ Members are taking a closer look at their bills, leaving some to wonder if they’d be better off with ‘choice’. Simple answer, no.