CoServ launches new Certified Solar Installer program

CoServ has simplified the process with the Certified Solar Installers list, companies that we trust to do quality work for Members.

What to expect on your May bill

Heavy rains brought cooler temperatures in April but there were still 14 days where the high temperature exceeded 80 degrees.

What to expect on your April bill

The weather in March 2024 hit the sweet spot in North Texas – not too hot or too cold. As a result, energy usage should be lower this month.

UNCOVERING ENERGY WASTERS: How our experts can help you identify and eliminate them for a more efficient home

The Energy Solutions Specialist finds solutions to CoServ Member’s energy concerns by doing free Energy Assessments.

More unclaimed Capital Credits will return to the communities we serve

The new law passed by the Texas Legislature means more money for education, energy efficiency and economic development.

CoServ retires record $16M in Capital Credits as a credit on August bills

CoServ Members will receive a credit on their August bill as your electric co-op retires a record $16 million in Capital Credits.