CoServ uses cutting edge technology on new gas pipeline project

CoServ Gas will be among the first gas utilities in the country to use PA-12, which can handle more pressure than a traditional poly line.

What to expect on your October bill

CoServ Members should expect their electricity usage to be higher this month compared to the same month last year.

More unclaimed Capital Credits will return to the communities we serve

The new law passed by the Texas Legislature means more money for education, energy efficiency and economic development.

CoServ retires record $16M in Capital Credits as a credit on August bills

CoServ Members will receive a credit on their August bill as your electric co-op retires a record $16 million in Capital Credits.

What to expect on your August bill

CoServ maintained the electric rate for the fourth month in a row and eligible Members will receive Capital Credits.

CoServ now has the power to buy power, saving Members money

CoServ’s Energy Resources Team now had 100 percent control of our power purchases in the market , which we believe will save Members money.

What you need to know about generators

Even with the hard work, professionalism and dedication from CoServ Employees, it’s impossible to prevent all power outages.

Quick tips for summer savings

By understanding how usage impacts cost, you can make small changes that will help Members save big on their energy bills.