National Lineman Appreciation Day


Few people today remember life without electricity, so it’s easy to take it for granted. But throughout CoServ’s eight-plus decades, our linemen have ensured reliable service to thousands of homes and businesses.

On the rare occasions that a CoServ Member’s power does go out, it’s linemen who are there to answer the call, any time day or night, including during extreme weather, to restore power as safely and quickly as possible. During these times, we hope you think of the linemen who are away from their family braving the elements.

National Linemen Appreciation Day is coming up on April 8 so it’s the perfect time to say thank you for all they do.

This year, we asked children to write why they are thankful for linemen. It’s important because today’s children shudder to think of life without internet – let alone electricity.  So, it’s important to remind them of the ones who work hard to make modern life possible.

We hope you and our linemen enjoy these words of thanks!

Shouri, Allen

“I appreciate all the hard work you all do to keep our lights on. Even in bad weather.”

Gentry, Aubrey

“Dear CoServ,

Thank you for keeping us warm in winter and power to our house year-round. You are like superheroes! We are grateful for you and today was so cold, we don’t know what we’d do without heat! Keep us safe and warm!


– Jack, Emma, Brook, and Henry, Frisco

“Dear linemen, Thank you for keeping us warm and cozy during the harsh winter times during the last few days.”

– Nidhi, Little Elm

“Thank you for keeping the lights on.”

– Mitchell, Little Elm

“Dear CoServ linemen, imagine playing your favorite video game and the power goes out - what a bummer! But, thanks to you guys, I do not worry. I know you are out there working on it, and in no time I’m right back where I left off. Thank you so much for everything you do.”

– Richie, Argyle


Sindhu, Lewisville

Amelia, McKinney

“Dear CoServ heroes, Your bright sparks of dedication shine through stormy skies. With insulator in hand, you weave magic to keep our world illuminated. Thank you for dancing with lightning, restoring power with grace and turning darkness into a tale of resilience. You’re the true wizards of the electrical realm!”

– Prahaas, Frisco

“I want to thank linemen for being so brave and helping restore Power during storms. It is very nice that they will go out to fix Power lines and not rest until the job is done. In the podcast I learned that you cannot be afraid of heights to be a line man. I also learned a little bit about how insulators work. Insulator was the secret word mentioned 13 times. Thank you to linemen for being so brave and keeping our power working.”

Teddy, Aubrey