Spring Blood Drive sets multiple records to help American Red Cross

Plesant conversation with a patient during blood donation

Fittingly, in a month most characterized by a heart, CoServ Employees, as well as members of the public and the Lake Cities Chamber of Commerce, showed plenty of heart, donating a record 71 units to the American Red Cross.

The Spring blood drive, hosted at CoServ’s headquarters in Corinth on Feb. 28, set multiple records and milestones. It was the second-most attended drive to date and set a new record for total units collected. It also saw a record 44 CoServ Employees turn out to help make a difference. One such donor was CoServ Senior Vice President of Energy Infrastructure Greg Ward, who made a Power Red donation.

A Power Red donor is able to give nearly twice the amount of red blood cells while having the plasma and platelets safely returned to the body. This allows Power Red donors to help even more people in need.

“It’s a privilege to get to serve the community this way, and everyone who organizes the event does a really great job,” said Greg. “I always try to make a point of coming down and doing my part when I can, either with a Power Red donation or a standard donation.”

These drives are about coming together to help our neighbors. Perhaps more than ever before, regular blood donations are vital to keeping blood reserves and hospitals adequately stocked. What people don’t realize is that a single donation can help as many as three people in need, meaning the 71 units collected at the Spring drive could help as many as 213 people across North Texas and beyond.

In approximately four years of hosting these events, CoServ and the Lake Cities Chamber have either given directly or helped facilitate enough donations to impact more than 1,600 people.

“It really ties to the heart of our goal, to help others,” said Walker Sims, CoServ Community Events Specialist. “To get to serve in a way that brings our work staff together –especially when medical demand for blood is so high—is really amazing to see.”

For information about CoServ’s next blood drive this fall, please visit: CoServ.com/BloodDrive