Critical Care

If you or someone at your location uses life-sustaining equipment powered by electricity, you may qualify for “critical care” status. Your account will be coded to make our service technicians aware of your situation. We will notify you before any scheduled outages (for maintenance or repair). And, during unexpected outages, you’ll receive high priority as we restore power. Please note that even though your account is marked critical, this does not remove the responsibility to pay for services that have been provided to you.

In order to be considered, we request that you submit documentation on your physician's letterhead to support your medical need. Documentation must include the name of the patient, the CoServ account number and address. You or your physician may submit this documentation to

Once we code your account as critical, please let us know any changes to your phone number, mailing address, physical address or e-mail address so we can update your information in our systems. Upon request, members are also required to submit a letter annually proving critical care status.  

Important: Unexpected outages (due to weather, animals on the lines, etc.) mean that we can’t guarantee continuous electric service, even for members with critical care status. If you cannot sustain any outages, please make arrangements for a backup power source.