Critical Care – Residential Accounts

If you or someone who lives in your home uses life-sustaining equipment powered by electricity, your account may qualify for our Residential Critical Care Account Program.

Critical Care Account holders are notified before any scheduled outages, such as during maintenance or equipment upgrades. And, during unexpected outages, they receive high priority as we restore power.

To request Residential Critical Care Account status, please complete Page 2 of the Residential Critical Care Status Application and provide it to the patient’s physician for completion of Page 3. The physician is responsible for returning the completed application to CoServ.

The Residential Critical Care Status Application will not be approved if incomplete, unreadable, or improperly submitted. All information on the application is required unless indicated otherwise. Once approved, we will send you confirmation of your account's Critical Care status.

As a Residential Critical Care Account holder, it is crucial that you keep us informed of any changes to the following:

  • phone number
  • mailing address
  • physical address
  • email address

We will periodically request—no more than once annually—resubmission of your application.

Important: Unexpected outages (due to weather, animals on the lines, ERCOT mandated controlled outages, etc.) mean that we cannot guarantee continuous electric service. If you cannot sustain any outages, please arrange for a backup power source.

Please note that like all accounts, those with Critical Care status are subject to disconnection for nonpayment.

Click here to apply for Commercial Critical Care Account status.