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Nonstandard Metering Service

Our Standard Metering Service meets all Federal Communications Commission guidelines and provides many benefits that are not available with Nonstandard Metering:

Convenient, secure online payment options

Access to usage information

Paperless billing

Account notifications

Additionally, standard meters eliminate the need for manual reads of each meter in CoServ’s rapidly growing Member service territory, and they facilitate re-connection from CoServ's corporate office.

CoServ Members do have the option of opting out of having an AMI (standard) meter if they choose. A one-time fee of $138 will be charged to cover the cost of installing a nonstandard meter. This meter lacks the radio frequency technology and is not able to send electric use readings to CoServ. Because of this, CoServ will have to send a meter reader each month resulting in a monthly fee of $25.00.

Here's the process for opting out of the standard meter in favor of a nonstandard meter.

Nonstandard Meter Fees

  • One-time, non-refundable nonstandard meter fee
    • $138 Single-phase meter (most residents)
    • $437.50 for three-phase meters
  • $25/month meter-read fee to recoup costs for the meter reader

Standard Meter Opt-Out Process Online:

  1. Fill out and sign this form
  2. Submit signed and completed form via:
  3. CoServ Electric
    Attn: Nonstandard Metering Service
    7701 S. Stemmons Freeway
    Corinth, TX 76210

  4. Pay the one-time, non-refundable opt-out fee payment by cashier’s check or money order only
  5. The meter will be exchanged for a digital meter without the RF capabilities. It's important to note that the new meter will not be analog.

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