CoServ recognizes gas technicians

March 18 is Natural Gas Utility Workers’ Day, the perfect time to recognize Gas techs who ensure safe, reliable delivery of natural gas.

Important safety tips for gas appliances

CoServ Gas added an average of 604 new gas meters per month and for many Customers this will be their first winter with gas appliances.

How CoServ linemen stay safe during emergencies

CoServ Members can rest assured that our linemen are responding to outages as safely and quickly as possible because reliability is a critical part of CoServ’s mission statement.

CoServ linemen showcase skills at Texas Lineman’s Rodeo

CoServ sent three teams of linemen to Seguin for the Texas Lineman’s Rodeo in July where they showcased their skills in competition.

CoServ’s system operators make fast-paced decisions for safety and reliability

At CoServ, System Operators watch over the electrical system and play a critical role during storms, maintenance, construction and routine work.

Always stay safe around carbon monoxide

CoServ Gas wants Customers to be aware of the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning when it comes to staying warm in the winter.