CoServ linemen power through rodeo, win trophies

CoServ's Senior Journeyman team won third place at the Texas Lineman's Rodeo. Apprentice Josh Roberts won second place on the written test.

Dig safe and contact 811

CoServ responded to 38 hit lines in the first quarter and the majority were a failure to call 811 or wait for the lines to be marked.

CoServ’s Senior Journeyman Team takes home trophy at Texas Lineman’s Rodeo

The Senior Journeyman Team finished in third place at the Texas Lineman's Rodeo Saturday, a huge accomplishment for the supervisors.

CoServ linemen gear up for Texas Lineman’s Rodeo

The professionalism, preparation and safety linemen practice for the rodeo could save their life or that of their coworker in the real world.

What you need to know about generators

Even with the hard work, professionalism and dedication from CoServ Employees, it’s impossible to prevent all power outages.

CoServ recognizes gas technicians

March 18 is Natural Gas Utility Workers’ Day, the perfect time to recognize Gas techs who ensure safe, reliable delivery of natural gas.

Important safety tips for gas appliances

CoServ Gas added an average of 604 new gas meters per month and for many Customers this will be their first winter with gas appliances.