Critical Care – Commercial Accounts

If CoServ classifies your commercial account as “Critical Load Public Safety” or “Critical Load Commercial” (see list below), your account qualifies for our Commercial Critical Care Account Program.

Critical Care Accounts are notified before any scheduled outages, such as during maintenance or equipment upgrades. And, during unexpected outages, they receive high priority as we restore power.

Accounts classified as "Critical Load Public Safety" or "Critical Load Commercial":

  • 911 Center
  • Emergency Alert System
  • Fire Department
  • Flood Control
  • Gas Compressor Station
  • Gas Control Center
  • Hospital (Texas Department of State Health Services license number required)
  • Licensed Medical Facility (Texas Department of State Health Services license number required)
  • Major or Regional Airport
  • Police Department
  • Water/Sewage location

Click here to submit a request for Commercial Critical Care Account status.

The Commercial Critical Care Account Application will not be approved if incomplete or improperly submitted. All information on the application is required unless indicated otherwise. Once approved, we will send you confirmation of your account's Critical Care status.

Important: The “Critical Load Public Safety” and “Critical Load Commercial” distinctions do not guarantee an uninterrupted supply of electricity. It is the responsibility of the account holder to make arrangements for alternative sources of electric power should a localized outage or ERCOT mandated controlled outage occur. If the account location cannot sustain any outages, please arrange for a back-up power source.

Please note that like all accounts, those with Critical Care status are subject to disconnection for nonpayment.

To apply for Residential Critical Care Account status, click here.