Letter of Authorization Requirements

A Letter of Authorization (LOA) may be needed to set up commercial, industrial or home builder service accounts with CoServ. If you are the legal owner of the company and do not wish to authorize any additional officers, directors or accounts payable personnel access to your CoServ account, we do not require an LOA prior to connection.

However, if you would like to grant anyone else access or authority to make changes on the company's behalf, an LOA is required. It must include:

  1. The date on company letterhead.
    • Letterhead must be from the company's legal entity.
  2. The company's legal entity name as registered with the Secretary of State.
  3. Mailing address for all statements.
  4. Accounts Payable contact's name, phone number and email address.
  5. A list of all officers, including president, vice president, managing member, governing person, etc.
  6. Sales tax ID or Filing number from the Secretary of State and/or Federal Employee ID number (FEIN).
    • If the company is registered out of the State of Texas Secretary of State, a certificate of formation or articles of incorporation are required, as well.
  7. A list of everyone authorized to conduct business, including the level of authorization for each person (i.e. can set up/disconnect services, make any/all changes on the account(s), full access, etc.)
  8. Signature by an officer or director in the company.

To help us expedite your connection process, we've included an LOA Template. Please fill out all required information.

Once completed and signed by an officer or director of the company, please return the LOA to [email protected]. If a certificate of occupancy or release is required based on the new service address, a customer care specialist will notify you as soon as possible.