Understanding Your Bill

Billing Terms

Billing Terms

Account Number

A unique number that identifies your electric and/or gas account. Whenever you contact CoServ, have this number ready so we can quickly locate your records. You’ll also use this number when paying your bill.

Billing Period (Days)

A billing period is the period between two consecutive meter reading dates and typically ranges from twenty-eight (28) to thirty-three (33) days. For details, see Section 324.2 of the Tariff.

Customer Charge

CoServ Members are connected to one of the most reliable, smart and secure electric grids in the state, according to our System Average Interruption Duration Index (SAIDI) score.

The CoServ Customer Charge helps pay for the operation and maintenance of the distribution lines, transformers, substations and meters that deliver electricity to your home or business. The Customer Charge also helps pay administrative costs for billing, records and other expenses.

Gross Receipts Tax

A tax charged by the state of Texas on the gross revenues of a utility doing business in a city with a population greater than 1,000. This is a pass-through charge based on your gas usage. For details, see Section 203.6 of the tariff.

Municipal Franchise/District Fee

Some cities charge a fee to use street rights-of-way for the placement of distribution lines. Only those Customers who live in a city that requires CoServ to pay this charge have a Franchise Fee on their bills. This is a pass-through fee that goes back to your city. (If you live in a quasi-government area, such as Savannah, this charge is called a District fee.) For details, see Section 203.6 of the tariff.

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