Mixed Budget Billing explained

CoServ offers different Budget Billing plans to best fit our Members’ energy needs. A CoServ Customer Care Specialist has identified you as being a good candidate for our Mixed Budget Billing plan.

With Mixed Budget Billing, your amount due stays the same for a whole year, making it easy to budget for your electric bill from month-to-month. Every April, your amount due will be recalculated based on whether you underpaid or overpaid relative to your usage. The debits/credits will then be factored into your new bill amount that will be due starting in May.

Why does Mixed Budget Billing work for me?

The Mixed Budget Billing payment is best suited for Members who have electric-only service with CoServ but have gas heating with another company. The idea is that the Member will likely underpay during the hot summer months when they run air conditioning, building a debit. Then, in the winter months, their electric usage would decline because they’re using gas heat primarily and that bill is paid to another company. For those colder months, they overpay, building a credit. When April comes, their amount is reconciled and the winter months would balance out the summer months so the new bill amount wouldn’t fluctuate as much.

Why doesn’t Mixed Budget Billing work for everyone?

While a once-a-year reconciliation sounds like a great thing, it wouldn’t work for all CoServ Members. Those who have electric heating wouldn’t have a chance to build up credits to balance out the summer air conditioning use. Same for dual-service CoServ Electric Members and Gas Customers. Having one reconciliation in April could potentially cause a large swing in the amount owed. That’s why our Customer Care Specialists only offer Mixed Budget Billing to Members who have gas heat with another company.

Other qualifications for Budget Billing:

  • Residential Member with six months of service at the account
  • Must have a zero balance or a credit balance