Payment Due Date Extensions

We understand that some people are experiencing financial hardship right now. CoServ is your electric cooperative and natural gas distribution utility but we’ve also been an integral part of your community since we first brought power to farms and ranches in the 1930s.

We are built on a tradition of neighbors helping neighbors, which makes us different than for-profit utilities.

CoServ has payment extensions available for Members and Customers who need more time to pay a bill.

What to know before requesting a Payment Extension

  • Payment extensions are subject to eligibility requirements.
  • If you anticipate that you will need a payment extension, please let CoServ know as soon as possible. Accounts that are already past the due date of your disconnection notice will not be eligible for a payment extension.
  • Once a Payment Extension is approved, Members and Customers must make the payment on or before the next statement’s due date to avoid disconnection.
  • The easiest way to make a payment is through your SmartHub account.
  • Members and Customers who are signed up for AutoPay must cancel their enrollment but may re-enroll once payment for the extended due date is made.
  • The CoServ Charitable Foundation partners with social service agencies who offer utility assistance to Members and Customers.

How to request a Payment Extension

  1. Go to BILL & PAY on the SmartHub app or at
  2. The click on Payment Extensions (image 1)
  3. If applicable, select the account you wish to update in the light teal box. You should see your account number and the corresponding address for the selected account.  (image 2)
  4. Read and accept the Terms and Conditions (image 2)
  5. Click the EXTEND button (image 2)
  6. Confirm the Extended Due Date and the Amount Due.
    NOTE: If you have electric and gas, your confirmation email will contain two amounts, one for each service extended. (image 3).
  7. Once, confirmed your payment extension screen will show Enrolled (image 4).