What to expect on your April bill


The weather in March 2024 hit the sweet spot in North Texas – not too hot or too cold. As a result, CoServ Members should expect electric and natural gas usage to be less than February.

The average temperature for March was 61.8 degrees, up 4.1 degrees from last month. In general, the closer the average temperature is to 65 degrees, the less energy needed to maintain comfort indoors.

Heater usage dropped by 39 percent in March compared to February, according to the Heating Degree Days.

Utilities and the U.S. government use a metric called Heating Degree Days (HDD) and Cooling Degree Days (CDD) to project energy demand. To calculate HDD, subtract the average temperature for a day from 65. Likewise, CDD measures how much air conditioning is required to maintain comfort. It’s calculated by subtracting 65 from the average temperature. Add several days in a row to calculate the HDD or CDD for a week or a month.

Click here to learn more about HDD and CDD.

The temperature reached 80 degrees or higher on six days. There were also four nights where the temperature was less than 40 degrees.

Looking at a comparison from this March to last March, the month on average was warmer in 2024 than in 2023.

March 2023 March 2024 Difference
Average Temperature 60.7° 61.8° +1.1° warmer
Average Low 50.4° 52.1 +1.7° warmer
Average High 70.9° 71.6 +0.7° warmer


March was also a rainy month with 5.66 inches of rain, 2.36 inches above normal.

Natural gas prices remained low throughout the first quarter of 2024 and CoServ Gas is passing those savings onto Customers. Not only will residential Customers likely use less gas with the mild weather, the cost dropped by 13.7 cents per Ccf (hundred cubic feet) for this month’s bill.

CoServ’s residential electric rate remained the same in April and, with the milder temperatures, Members should have lower bills.