What to expect on your September bill


This August was a hot one.

The mercury topped 100 degrees or higher on all but seven days, the average high was 104.2 degrees and there wasn’t a trace of rain to be found.

Last August was mild by comparison, with an average high temperature of 96.2 degrees and more than 10 inches of rain. This year, the average high for the month was 8 degrees higher.

That means air conditioners worked 28 percent harder compared to the previous year, based on the Cooling Degree Days, so CoServ Members should expect electricity usage to be higher.

Even when the sun went down there was little reprieve. Low temperatures reached 85 degrees or higher on eight nights. The average low temperature was 81.5 degrees, 4.1 degrees hotter than the same period last year.

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas issued 11 calls for electricity conservation throughout August and into the first week of September. Thanks to the efforts of Texans, including CoServ Members, the state never reached an Energy Emergency Alert Level 3, which has the potential for rotating outages.

CoServ’s Energy Efficiency Specialists have put together a comprehensive list of energy savings tips that can help Members beat the heat and reduce energy usage. Members can also sign up for a free Energy Assessments by our in-house experts. They will look for inefficiencies and ways you can make your home more energy efficient.