Energy Assessments

Are you curious about where your home or business might be losing energy? CoServ offers free energy assessments a $100+ value for CoServ Members and Customers to help you find inefficiencies and offers helpful solutions to correct them.

We have several assessment types to best fit your needs:

Phone Assessment

We call you to discuss your home or business features and dive into energy-saving methods in detail at no cost to you. These assessments typically last 30 minutes.

On-Site Energy Assessment

During the assessment, we will walk you through your home or business to identify energy deficiencies using the latest tools like infrared cameras and other devices as needed. We'll also check your insulation, doors, and windows and suggest other ways to save energy and reduce costs.

Blower Door Test & Assessment

This service identifies precisely where leaks are and estimates how much money you are losing per year because of them. This detailed assessment costs $75 and will be added to your next billing statement.

Let our team of qualified specialists help you save energy and money this season.

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