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Texas is a great state, and you can read all about it every month in Texas Co-op Power magazine. In addition to featuring fun places to visit, interesting things to do and great recipes to cook, every edition delivers news and information about CoServ and the communities we serve. Have a story/photo idea for us? Let us know!

July 2022 Texas Co-op Power

July Featured Articles:

CoServ's electric system never stops growing

Rapid residential and commercial growth kept CoServ busy this spring as crews built new circuits, upgraded power lines and added redundancy to existing feeders in preparation for the summer heat. 

How to wrangle in high energy bills this summer with SmartHub

For Members who want to track their electricity usage this summer, CoServ makes it easy with the various tools inside the CoServ App and SmartHub.

Change is not only possible but within reach

Grace To Change not only helps individuals who are struggling with addiction but the greater community as well. The effects of one person’s substance abuse are felt by entire families and can be expensive to the community. With the guidance of a program like Grace To Change, individuals are less likely to have repeat offenses or relapses.

Cover Story: Texas Best Bird

Kreuz Market has perfected the once-scorned barbecued bird.

Prized Fibers

Cotton gins still turn sweat and tears into a treasured commodity.

HIT THE ROAD: Creeping Along

TCP KITCHEN: Stone Fruits

FOCUS ON TEXAS: Morning Glory

FINISH THIS SENTENCE: I feel patriotic when ...


OBSERVATIONS: Can't top this

Read the full July issue: PDF | Statewide Content


Monthly Contests

Every month, Texas Co-op Power features mouth-watering recipes and eye-catching photos sent in by readers like you. The magazine is currently seeking recipes for and photos of the following topics:

RECIPES: Finger Foods | Gluten-Free Recipes | Cupcakes  | Cast-Iron Cooking

PHOTOS: Aerials | Winter Wildlife | Nature's Colors  | First Responders

The recipes and photos deemed the best for each category will be published in future editions of the magazine. (Also, the winning recipe each month wins $500, bragging rights and a TCP apron.) Visit TexasCoopPower.com/Contests for details on how to enter.

Best of Typically Texas Cookbook

What happens to all the winning recipes? They’re put in a cookbook that you can order for your family, friends or yourself here.

Hit the Road

“Daytripper” Chet Garner has a show on PBS and monthly column in TCP. Catch up with his Texas travels here.


With 1.5 million readers, Texas Co-op Power magazine has the largest monthly circulation in the state. Want to get the word out about an upcoming event in your community? Submit it two months ahead of time for consideration here, and TCP may publish it!

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