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Texas is a great state, and you can read all about it every month in Texas Co-op Power magazine. In addition to featuring fun places to visit, interesting things to do and great recipes to cook, every edition delivers news and information about CoServ and the communities we serve. Have a story/photo idea for us? Let us know!

February Featured Articles:

What happens when an underground electric line is hit

Sometimes, events happen beyond our control – but even then, redundancies in our system, quick thinking by our system operators and hard work by our linemen and contractors minimizes the impact on our Members.

How gas regulator stations keep the pressure up when the mercury drops

When temperatures drop into the teens or even single digits, gas furnaces must work harder to maintain comfortable temperatures in the home. The difference between the outside temperature and the thermostat setting can be as much as 50 or even 60 degrees. When that happens, natural gas demand goes up and the regulators provide an increase in pressure for the system.

POWERtown teaches valuable lessons at area schools

CoServ’s Energy Education Team uses the new POWERtown™ presentation to demonstrate multiple scenarios in which children or adults could come across high-voltage power lines in everyday life. It’s similar to the outdoor arcing demonstration that CoServ has been doing for years but on a smaller scale for indoor presentations. 

Grandscape searches the world over for unique tenants

The Grandscape development in The Colony features restaurants from India, Paris, Chicago and Denton's own LSA Burger. 

“Grandscape as a whole, when it comes to the different types of businesses, the leasing team goes out and really does a lot of research locally and across the country,” said Katie Wedekind, Campaign & Media Relations Manager for Grandscape.

CoServ's Budget Billing smooths out the spikes from Texas summers and winters

Extreme seasonal temperature swings can create headaches for your home and business’s usage, resulting in fluctuating bills. Sweltering summer days will demand more out of your air conditioning unit, and a sudden cold snap can cause temperatures to plummet 30-40 degrees in a single day. In such an unpredictable climate, how is one to manage?

Cover Story: Caught Cuisine

The Big Thicket’s four species of carnivorous plants entice then consume unwary insects.

Feature: Breaking Up

Sailors offer bon voyage and watch the final journey of the beloved USS Kitty Hawk—to a South Texas recycling yard

HIT THE ROAD: Important Entry


FOCUS ON TEXAS: First Responders

FINISH THIS SENTENCE: I Can't Believe I Used To Wear …



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