Texas is a great state, and you can read all about it every month in Texas Co-op Power magazine. In addition to featuring fun places to visit, interesting things to do and great recipes to cook, every edition delivers news and information about CoServ and the communities we serve. Have a story/photo idea for us? Let us know!

October 2021 Texas Co-op Power

October Featured Articles:

How do we keep the lights on?

From initial system planning to installing the meter, here's the role engineers play as CoServ adds more than 1,000 meters a month. If you live in one of the new residential developments served by CoServ, you are a big reason why we are one of the fastest-growing electric cooperatives in the country. We want to welcome you as a new CoServ Member and provide some insight into what goes on behind the scenes as we add an average of 1,300 meters to our system each month.

Working smarter, not harder

Have you ever wondered how they are able to find the source of the outage so quickly? Ask some of CoServ’s long-time linemen and they remember the days when they had to “ride out the line” for miles to find the cause, following maps in an old red book they kept in the truck. Today, CoServ’s entire electrical infrastructure is connected to a SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) system that provides updates in real time to dispatchers working at the headquarters in Corinth. Think of it as a nervous system for CoServ’s power lines and other infrastructure.

We're back! CoServ Employees are volunteering in your communities again

From a butterfly garden to building a ramp for a veteran, CoServ Employees are excited to volunteer in the community again. 

Phone scam: How to bust the scammers and see through their deception

Chances are, scammers don’t know what your real balance due is – they’re quoting a fake amount – but you can look up your real balance easily through SmartHub.

CoServ keeps trees trimmed to improve reliability

“That’s what my job is all about, preventing outages. Trees do cause power outages plus they hide a lot of other things that cause power outages,” CoServ's Vegetation Management Coordinator Morgan Herd said. “You can’t see the insulators at the top and sometimes you can’t even see the wire."

Cybersecurity: Under lock and key

Cybersecurity plays a critical role in all businesses today but that responsibility is even greater for critical infrastructure like an electric or natural gas utility. CoServ doesn’t just guard personal information for our Electric Members and Gas Customers, we safeguard the electric grid and natural gas system from cybercriminals.

TCP Kitchen: Cheese

Focus on Texas: Fillin' Stations

October 2021 Web Extras

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Monthly Contests

Every month, Texas Co-op Power features mouth-watering recipes and eye-catching photos sent in by readers like you. The magazine is currently seeking recipes for and photos of the following topics:

RECIPES: Texas' Best | Brunch | Pickles and Jams | Weeknight Dinners

PHOTOS: Public Art | The Texas Experience | All Wet | Feathered Friends

The recipes and photos deemed the best for each category will be published in future editions of the magazine. (Also, the winning recipe each month wins $500, bragging rights and a TCP apron.) Visit for details on how to enter.

Best of Typically Texas Cookbook

What happens to all the winning recipes? They’re put in a cookbook that you can order for your family, friends or yourself here.

Hit the Road

“Daytripper” Chet Garner has a show on PBS and monthly column in TCP. Catch up with his Texas travels here.


With 1.5 million readers, Texas Co-op Power magazine has the largest monthly circulation in the state. Want to get the word out about an upcoming event in your community? Submit it two months ahead of time for consideration here, and TCP may publish it!

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