At CoServ, safety is a personal responsibility and choice accomplished through training, education and awareness.

CoServ reinforces this core value through our We Do It For Them program where we remind all our Employees that they all have somone who loves them and wants them to come home safely every day.

Electric Safety

Gas Safety

Weather Safety

Scam Awareness

Non-Emergency Hazard

See something that doesn't look right? Reporting potential hazards is easy by filling out our Non-Emergency Hazard form.

Latest safety articles

Safety is a core value at CoServ, not only for our Employees but first responders and the public. Here, you'll find the latest news and information related to safety for electricity and natural gas.

Stay safe from carbon monoxide in your home

The improper use of portable generators, grills, gas ovens and other gas appliances can lead to deadly carbon monoxide poisoning.

Show CoServ linemen that you appreciate them

CoServ is offering children the chance to show their appreciation to CoServ linemen and get published in the April edition of the magazine.

Get to know your co-op: Construction Management keeping projects moving

The team typically has 400 work orders in progress, not counting the 900 underground gas and electric installations waiting to be built.