Behind the scenes: Making reliability seamless

CoServ linemen respond to emergencies 24 hours a day, but their daily work is just as important to maintain a reliable, fast-growing system.

Stay safe from carbon monoxide in your home

The improper use of portable generators, grills, gas ovens and other gas appliances can lead to deadly carbon monoxide poisoning.

CoServ surprises Member with a Year of Free Electricity

Tandi Smith was randomly selected as the grand prize winner in December, nine months after entering the drawing at the Little Elm Big Easy.

CoServ partners with local universities to find the best and brightest

CoServ makes a concerted effort to partner with universities to find the best and brightest so they can start their career at CoServ.

UNCOVERING ENERGY WASTERS: How our experts can help you identify and eliminate them for a more efficient home

The Energy Solutions Specialist finds solutions to CoServ Member’s energy concerns by doing free Energy Assessments.

CCF donates blankets, heaters to social agencies

The donated items are given to CoServ Members and Customers who have a broken or inadequate heater at their home.

Important safety tips for gas appliances

CoServ Gas added an average of 604 new gas meters per month and for many Customers this will be their first winter with gas appliances.

CoServ expands gas system to keep up with growth

CoServ Gas is adding new infrastructure throughout the service territory so we can continue providing the reliable gas service to Customers.

CoServ maintains high reliability score

CoServ consistently ranks as one of the most reliable utilities in Texas, a testament to the hard work and dedication of all our Employees.

How CoServ prepares for Old Man Winter

CoServ buys energy ahead of time, trains operations crews to work safely in cold weather and winterizes the fleet so we're ready for winter.