What is an Estimated Bill?

CoServ uses a team of meter readers (Employees and contractors) who read gas and non-AMI electric meters by walking the communities on foot. In rare instances, such as inclement weather, CoServ prioritizes the safety of our meter readers by not sending them out. Other times, CoServ may not be able to access your meter.

When that happens, the meters that could not be read will receive an estimated meter read for their usage during that billing cycle.

An estimated bill takes an average of the last three months of usage or the usage from one year ago, whichever is larger.

The next time that CoServ obtains an in-person reading on the meter, the Member/Customer will "catch up" with their true usage, which could include over or under-estimated usage.

Bills that include an estimate will say "Estimated Bill" under the summary. Also, there may be a bill message with more details.

Example: February's bill is estimated.

  • November bill's usage: 200 Ccf
  • December bill's usage: 300 Ccf
  • January bill's usage: 250 Ccf

The average of these bills would be 250 Ccf.

However, if the Member's February bill last year was 275 Ccf, then the Member would be estimated at 275 Ccf.