What to expect on your April bill


Electricity and natural gas usage will likely be lower for March than February because of the mild weather North Texas had last month. CoServ’s final cost per kilowatt-hour stayed the same while our natural gas rate dropped.

The average temperature for March was 60.7 degrees, 8.3 degrees warmer than the previous month. Compared to the same month in 2022, the average temperature was 2.20 degrees warmer.

There was only one night in March with temperatures at or below freezing. Temperatures peaked at 80 degrees or higher for six days last month. The average high temperature was 70.9 degrees while the average low was 50.4 degrees.

Generally, the closer temperatures are to 65 degrees, the less climate control (heating and air conditioning) people tend to use. This is reflected in the Heating Degree Days (for winter) and Cooling Degree Days (for summer). Heating Degree Days were down 21 percent in March compared to the same period last year. Click here to learn more about how Heating and Cooling Degree Days are calculated.

Here's a look at this month’s electricity and natural gas rates:

CoServ Gas Customers will pay 17 cents less per ccf this month, or about $13 less for an average usage of 75 ccf. CoServ Gas lowered the Purchased Gas Factor and Weather Normalization Adjustment in response to low natural gas prices.

Graph compiled on April 4, 2023. Data of our main gas competitor compared to CoServ’s gas rate for the same time period based on 75 Ccf.

For CoServ Electric Members, the final cost per kilowatt-hour will be the same as your last bill. CoServ accounts for fluctuations in wholesale electricity prices by adjusting the Power Cost Recovery Factor (PCRF).

The cost for wholesale electricity remained steady in March so CoServ will keep the PCRF at -$0.014 cents per kilowatt-hour. In other words, the PCRF will subtract 1.4 cents from the base rate from each tier on the winter rate, the same as it did for February.

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Graph compiled on April 4, 2023. Data retrieved from the Public Utility Commission for REP average 12-month contract and compared to CoServ’s standard residential rate for the same time period based on 2,000 kWh.