Board of Directors

They live in your neighborhoods, shop in your stores and—like you—receive monthly bills from CoServ Electric. They are your Board of Directors, democratically elected CoServ Members who oversee the operations of your cooperative and work collectively to represent the best interests of their fellow Members. Each Director lives in one of the seven districts that make up CoServ's service territory, and each Director represents all CoServ Members. Click on the Direct Lines link next to each photo below to access each Director's latest newsletter. If you would like to contact an individual Director via email, please click on the corresponding email link below, next to his/her photo. All inquiries will be responded to within two business days.


District Map

The CoServ Electric service area is divided into seven districts. Every year, Board seats in two of these districts are up for election. Every third year, three Board seats are up for election. Each Director lives in one of the seven districts that make up CoServ's service territory to ensure geographic representation, but each Director represents all CoServ Members. Every June, CoServ Electric conducts its Annual Meeting for Members. Before the meeting, the cooperative is required under its bylaws to notify each Member (as of the record date) residing in a district where a Director’s term is expiring that a Director for that district is to be elected at the Annual Meeting. Once a candidate is nominated, all Members, no matter which district they reside in, can (and should) cast votes in the election. Read Article IV of CoServ Electric's Bylaws for more details.