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September 2019 Featured Articles:

Building a Better Tomorrow

CoServ was created by people who dreamed of a better tomorrow—for themselves and their families—and through the cooperative model, they created communities that prospered and thrived.

$17 million returned to CoServ Members

The CoServ Electric Board of Directors approved the retirement of $17 million in Capital Credits for CoServ Electric Members. This means that since 2003, $125 million has been returned to CoServ Members.

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August 2019 Featured Articles:

When the power goes out, so do we

At CoServ, we are committed to providing safe, reliable electric service. But sometimes, Mother Nature has other plans. Even with a 99.999% reliability score, outages can happen for reasons beyond our control.  

CoServ Youth Leadership Tour Winners go on the Trip of a Lifetime

Meet our 2019 Youth Leadership Tour Winners! In June, these seven high school juniors from CoServ homes went on the trip of a lifetime to Austin and Washington D.C. to watch our government in action.

CoServ Scholars Ready to Build a Better Tomorrow

CoServ is proud to support high school seniors as they pursue their education at an institution of higher learning in the state of Texas. In 2019, we awarded $35,000 to seven outstanding college-bound students committed to building a better tomorrow.

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