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February 2020 Featured Articles:

Questions about Rates?

CoServ’s authority to provide electric service within its service territory was granted by the Public Utility Commission of Texas in the 1970s, and this remained unchanged when much of Texas deregulated in 1999.

2 words that go together—CoServ and Reliability

CoServ Employees want power outages to be the furthest thing from Members’ minds. We, of course, think about them daily. When a disruption occurs, we respond quickly to restore service.

ENERGY ASSESSMENTS: What you can do to fight low temps, high bills

The chill of winter can cause energy bills to spike as Texans crank up their heaters and take long, hot showers. This is especially true for CoServ Members with all-electric homes and apartments.

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January 2020 Featured Articles:

Smart Management System Conversion

A new billing system requires new CoServ account numbers. In 2020, you’ll need your new account number to access SmartHub and make payments, report outages and manage your energy usage.

Payment Options in 2020

Your Account. Your Payment. Your Choice.

Ready for winter weather? CoServ is.

CoServ’s main office may be closed on the weekends and certain holidays, but our Electric and Gas crews are on call 24/7.

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