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April 2020 Featured Articles:

April is National Child Abuse Awareness Month

Three North Texas nonprofits are working to break the vicious cycle of abuse and neglect, and your donations to CCF are helping them.

CoServ Innovation: From The Big Red Book to AppSuite®

CoServ crews have always used maps to maintain lines, restore service and upgrade equipment. Today, one tap on a tablet directs them to where they need to go.

Attention, animals: Please stay out of our substations!

Something as simple as a chicken snake slithering up substation equipment can cause an electrical short that knocks out power for thousands of CoServ Electric Members. CoServ has new equipment that is designed to deter animals from getting near electrical equipment.

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March 2020 Featured Articles:

EVs: CoServ Members tell us what it's like to use tomorrow's transportation today

Some auto industry experts are calling 2020 the year of the electric vehicle. In addition to auto manufacturers producing more EVs, there’s more information than ever available about them online.

Innovation: Lapetus Solar Project

About 50 miles northwest of Midland, more than 340,000 panels track the West Texas sun.

CCF Surpasses $12 million milestone in 2019

The CoServ Charitable Foundation celebrated its 15th year by awarding nearly $1.3 million in grants to worthy causes throughout North Texas. Since 2004, CCF has distributed $12 million to over 330 nonprofits and organizations in more than 30 North Texas communities.

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