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July 2019 Featured Articles:

Building a Better Tomorrow

CoServ was created by people who dreamed of a better tomorrow – for themselves and their families – and through the cooperative model, they created communities that prospered and thrived.

Annual Meeting Notice

2018 Annual Meeting Minutes

Districts 2 & 7 Candidate Profiles

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June 2019 Featured Articles:

CoServ Members and Customers Making a $11.2 Million Difference

It’s been a good year for the CoServ Charitable Foundation, which recently topped $11.2 million in distributed funds. We’re grateful to all of you who have contributed, and we’re grateful to our nonprofit partners who’ve benefited because we know they’re working toward a better tomorrow.

CoServ Community Makes an Impact with Over $143,000 Raised and Donated to CCF in 2018

If you’re a breakfast eater, you may be part of a North Texas tradition that’s older than CoServ.

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