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April 2021 Texas Co-op Power

April Featured Articles:

CoServ puts lineworkers equipment through rigorous testing

As CoServ Electric Linemen gear up to climb a pole in the rain, ascend in a bucket truck along a busy road or descend into a dark, wet manhole, CoServ doesn’t want them to think twice about the equipment they’re using.

School districts and businesses drop power to help residents during storm

At the height of February’s winter storm, some of CoServ’s biggest energy users voluntarily turned off electricity and natural gas or lowered their thermostat and closed their doors. These selfless acts channeled more energy to homes.

CoServ Gas crews brave elements to keep gas flowing

With temperatures hovering near 0 degrees Fahrenheit, CoServ’s Gas Tech Crews kept the natural gas flowing to 138,000 gas meters during February’s unprecedented winter storm.

CoServ feeds the armies giving vaccines at TMS

The 16-lane vaccination clinic – regarded as one of the largest in the country – ran like a well-oiled machine with wait times of less than 30 minutes from beginning to end, including the 15-minute observation period after the shot is administered.

Cover Story: The Seed Flourishes

Former NFL player turns idea sowed in Houston into notable grapes and wines in Central Texas

TCP Kitchen: Fresh Herbs

Focus on Texas: Storms

April 2021 Web Extras

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