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Texas is a great state, and you can read all about it every month in Texas Co-op Power magazine. In addition to featuring fun places to visit, interesting things to do and great recipes to cook, every edition delivers news and information about CoServ and the communities we serve. Have a story/photo idea for us? Let us know!

June 2022 Texas Co-op Power

June Featured Articles:

CoServ's system operators make fast-paced decisions for safety and reliability

Anytime CoServ electric linemen work on a high-voltage line, they gear up with proper PPE (personal protective equipment), including insulated gloves and sleeves. But most importantly, the job requires precise coordination with someone who can see the bigger picture, like which way the power is flowing, how it can be rerouted to restore power to as many people as possible, which lines are energized, and which are not. 

At CoServ, this job belongs to the System Operators in the dispatch center at the headquarters in Corinth.

CoServ helps power education

The Energy Education Team visited nearly 100 schools last school year across CoServ’s service territory, presenting in front of thousands of children. The children built electric circuits, played POWERrace® and watched arcing demonstrations with high-voltage electricity.

Step back in time with alpacas at the TX-Ture Farm in Aubrey

From the honey to the soap to the scarfs made from alpaca fiber, the TX-Ture Farm prides itself on being all-natural. As the name implies, this farm is about feeling, smelling, tasting, and seeing. 

Cover Story: The Grazing Craze

Pushed along by the pandemic and prices, foraging for wild edibles is a growing trend.

Speaking to Children

Meet the South Texas educator on a mission to instill a love of language in bilingual readers.

HIT THE ROAD: Eruption Evidence

TCP KITCHEN: Weeknight Dinners

FOCUS ON TEXAS: Industrial

FINISH THIS SENTENCE: My singing is so bad ...


OBSERVATIONS: Pop's Light Touch

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Monthly Contests

Every month, Texas Co-op Power features mouth-watering recipes and eye-catching photos sent in by readers like you. The magazine is currently seeking recipes for and photos of the following topics:

RECIPES: Holiday Sides | Finger Foods | Gluten-Free Recipes | Cupcakes

PHOTOS: Hometown Pride | Aerials | Winter Wildlife | Nature's Colors

The recipes and photos deemed the best for each category will be published in future editions of the magazine. (Also, the winning recipe each month wins $500, bragging rights and a TCP apron.) Visit TexasCoopPower.com/Contests for details on how to enter.

Best of Typically Texas Cookbook

What happens to all the winning recipes? They’re put in a cookbook that you can order for your family, friends or yourself here.

Hit the Road

“Daytripper” Chet Garner has a show on PBS and monthly column in TCP. Catch up with his Texas travels here.


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