Distributed Generation (DG) with Net Metering [Closed]

As of February 1, 2023, this rate plan is closed for new enrollment. If you are interested in distributed generation, please see our new DG with Buyback rate plan. 

Customer Charge $20.00 per meter

November 2023

Energy Charge (November–April)

Net Pricing First 700 kWh$0.129402
PLUS/MINUS the PCRF-$0.005
=$0.124402 per kWh
Net Pricing Next 300 kWh$0.119402
PLUS/MINUS the PCRF-$0.005
=$0.114402 per kWh
Net Pricing Over 1000 kWh$0.114402
PLUS/MINUS the PCRF-$0.005
=$0.109402 per kWh

Delivered (Del) Pricing (SCRF =$0.0054 x Del kWh)

October 2023

Energy Charge (May–October)

Net Pricing$0.129402
=$0.119402 per kWh

Delivered (Del) Pricing (SCRF =$0.0054 x Del kWh)

Additional Information

Net-Metering Definitions (Del, Rec, Net):

Del: When your house is using more energy than your solar system is producing, energy from the grid combines with solar to supply your house, and the meter flows forward. This is the energy delivered to your home. The SCRF will be charged on all delivered (Del) kWh.

Rec: When your solar panels are producing more than your house’s consumption, the excess solar energy not needed by your house flows onto the grid, and the meter flows backward. This is the energy received by CoServ. This amount will not match the output registered on your solar inverter; it represents only the excess solar production that is not needed by your house.

Net: This is the net total of energy that moved forward (DEL) and the energy that moved backward (Rec) on the meter. You are billed on this amount. CoServ’s current net-metering policy gives you full retail credit on all energy produced providing that your solar panels did not produce more energy than your house consumed at the end of the billing cycle. The PCRF will be charged on all Net kWh.

For more details, view Section 202.15 of the Tariff.

Note for Solar (DG) Net Metering Members: Senate Bill 1580 states that all Members in a cooperative service are required to pay the securitization charges on all kWh delivered to their meter. If the SCRF were charged only on the Net, Members with rooftop solar would avoid paying some of the charges. For more details, see Section 203.2 section G of the Tariff.

If your system was installed prior to February 1st, 2023, you are grandfathered into our net metering policy. You have the option to move to our buyback policy, however, you are not permitted to switch back to the net metering policy after making this request.