Online Account

CoServ is pleased to introduce user-friendly features that complement We’ve added an outage map, a revamped Newsroom and new ways to interact with us via social media. But we’re most excited to introduce you to your energy budget’s new best friend: your online CoServ account. With direct access to your near-real-time energy use, control of the power consumption in your home—now more than ever—rests with you. Here’s what you’ll find at your online account:

Comparison Tool: You no longer have to wonder how your consumption stacks up against homes in your area or across the CoServ service territory. Compare your consumption side-by-side to local weather temperatures, your neighborhood and CoServ utility averages for the same time frame.

“On-the-go” monitoring: Today’s energy consumers are tech savvy and “on-the-go”: Your online CoServ account provides a mobile and tablet-friendly experience. Whether you’re out at the ballpark, on vacation or at home, your information is always available.

Charts vs. Data: Are you a visual person? Or do you prefer analyzing numbers in a table or spreadsheet format? Either way, your online CoServ account gives you the choice. Raw data is exportable to Excel, and consumption or billing charts may be saved or printed for your convenience.

Your Profile: Tell us about yourself. By inputting your property attributes such as house size, age of construction, fuels used for heating and cooling systems and appliance types, your online CoServ account can give more meaningful comparisons of energy use to similar properties.

Energy Markers: Did you purchase a new energy-efficient appliance, add solar screens or a radiant barrier? Mark the dates of major installations in your online CoServ account to see how these changes affect your usage levels and savings.

Want to hear from us? Set thresholds and preferences under Communications Options to receive alerts.

What’s not new? Members and Customers can still subscribe their account(s) to receive E-bills, view and print statements, update contact information and find the same useful information as before. It’s just on an updated, more user-friendly website. Login or register today at and start saving now. Also, if you’re into social media—we hope you’ll “Like us” on Facebook and “Follow us” on Twitter.