Smart Usage. Smart Payments.
SmartHub–Coming in January 2020!


SmartHub is a dynamic new online and mobile account experience that will help you manage your energy use, report outages and pay your bills anytime from anywhere.

But wait. There’s more!

Starting in January, CoServ Electric Members and CoServ Gas Customers will receive a new-look bill that is easier to read and features a 24-month history (above) that will help you manage your energy usage better.

You’ll have more payment options, too—physical and digital. In addition to the expansion of payment locations throughout CoServ’s service territory, the SmartHub app will allow you to pay your bill with a few taps of your phone. Plus, account balances and payments will be reflected in real time, with no delay.

Additional questions? Visit our SmartHub FAQ.


Three questions

  1. Are all CoServ account numbers changing?

    Yes. The new system requires new account numbers, and Members and Customers who are not on Bank Draft will have to update their payment options to ensure timely payments.
  2. When will I receive my new account number?

    In December. You will be asked to register your account online in January and choose the payment option you prefer.
  3. Is there any action I need to take?

    Not right now. But if you want to ensure worry-free holidays and a seamless payment transition in January, we encourage you to sign up for Bank Draft today. Simply fill out the form at