Once you've purchased your thermostat, click the Enroll Now button to learn more about the CoServ Rush Hour Rewards Program!

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Nest and CoServ are partnering once again to help you save energy–and get paid in the process. Here's what Residential Members can expect:

      • You get a $50 account credit for each enrolled thermostat (maximum 2)! 
      • After the first year, each participating household will annually earn an additional $40 credit to their electric account while the program lasts. 
      • There will be no more than 16 events each summer, and no more than 3 during one week.
      • Events last up to two hours at a time and typically occur between 4 and 7 p.m.
      • Nest will notify enrolled Members a minimum of two hours in advance of each event.
      • The program annually spans four months of summer starting May 21 and ending Sept. 20.

When temperatures soar, air conditioners cycle on creating “an energy rush hour.” Distribution utilities such as CoServ request more generation to meet the higher demand, which in turn drives up power costs. These power costs are passed through on future electricity bills to you and to CoServ.

Together, we can work to lower these costs. The Nest can help you use less energy during the rush hour by cooling your home ahead of time and then tweaking the temperature up a few degrees when it's needed.

If you’re home, Nest won’t let the temperature change more than a few degrees. Plus, you always have the option to change the temperature as needed. You’ll stay comfortable. You’ll be in control. 

See terms and conditions.

Confirmation of enrollment could take up to 24 hours. Have your Nest username and password handy when you're ready to enroll. Must be a CoServ Electric Member to be eligible for the program.