What to expect on your September bill

The mercury topped 100 degrees or higher on all but seven days, the average high was 104.2 degrees and there wasn't a trace of rain.

CoServ linemen power through rodeo, win trophies

CoServ's Senior Journeyman team won third place at the Texas Lineman's Rodeo. Apprentice Josh Roberts won second place on the written test.

More unclaimed Capital Credits will return to the communities we serve

The new law passed by the Texas Legislature means more money for education, energy efficiency and economic development.

CoServ’s Senior Journeyman Team takes home trophy at Texas Lineman’s Rodeo

The Senior Journeyman Team finished in third place at the Texas Lineman's Rodeo Saturday, a huge accomplishment for the supervisors.

What to expect on your July bill

This month, the PCRF is 3 cents per kilowatt-hour lower than it was a year ago. That saves Members about $30 per 1,000 kilowatt-hour.

CoServ linemen gear up for Texas Lineman’s Rodeo

The professionalism, preparation and safety linemen practice for the rodeo could save their life or that of their coworker in the real world.

CoServ’s upgrades demonstrate commitment to Investing in Tomorrow

Investing in tomorrow isn’t just CoServ’s motto, Employees live by those words, so we can provide reliable energy solutions to Members.

CoServ places its 300,000th meter

This week, CoServ set its 300,000th meter, a monumental achievement that further establishes us as the third-largest co-op in the country.

Fields projects change the land but CoServ power remains

Instead of growing cattle and crops, golfers will chase their dreams of winning a PGA tournament at the PGA headquarters.

Members show appreciation to CoServ linemen

From the hurricane-ravaged swamps of Florida to the scorching heat of a county road in North Texas, CoServ linemen are always ready.