CoServ recognizes gas technicians

March 18 is Natural Gas Utility Workers’ Day, the perfect time to recognize Gas techs who ensure safe, reliable delivery of natural gas.

CoServ improves reliability score for 2022

For CoServ, reliability is a team effort that starts at the executive level and extends down to every department in the cooperative.

What happens when an underground electric line is hit

CoServ breaks down what happens when an underground electric line is hit and how we are able to restore power before making the repair.

How gas regulator stations keep the pressure up when the mercury drops

Natural gas demand increases when the weather’s cold so CoServ Gas uses regulator stations to increase pressure in the system.

Pre-Christmas cold snap leads to higher bills this month

Usage for those few days could four times higher than the average for the month of December. We explain why and what you can do to monitor your usage before the next cold snap. 

CoServ linemen answer the call to assist after Hurricane Ian

CoServ Employees restored power to 1,800 meters from Peace River Electric Cooperative (PRECO) and Lee County Electric Cooperative.

2022 year in review

In 2022, CoServ celebrated its 85th anniversary so we are taking a look back at the record-breaking growth, milestones.

How CoServ linemen stay safe during emergencies

CoServ Members can rest assured that our linemen are responding to outages as safely and quickly as possible because reliability is a critical part of CoServ’s mission statement.

CoServ’s first-hand account of Hurricane Ian restoration

CoServ Employees restored power to 1,800 meters from two electric co-ops during their mutual aid trip to central and southern Florida.

CoServ expands gas system to keep up with growth

CoServ Gas is adding new infrastructure throughout the service territory so we can continue providing the reliable gas service to Customers.