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CoServ donates heaters, blankets to help people stay warm this winter

Social service agencies rely on the CoServ Charitable Foundation’s annual distribution of heaters and blankets for their clients.

What to expect on your November bill

CoServ Members should expect October electricity usage to be lower than September. Compared to last October, usage will be about the same.

CoServ uses cutting edge technology on new gas pipeline project

CoServ Gas will be among the first gas utilities in the country to use PA-12, which can handle more pressure than a traditional poly line.

Science leaps from the textbook into real life with CCF grants

Liberty High School in Frisco ISD has multiple Frisco Education Foundation grants that were funded by the CoServ Charitable Foundation.

Get to know your co-op: CoServ Customer Care (Part 2)

Quality Assurance and Energy Solutions play a critical role in providing CoServ Members and Customers with excellent Customer Care.

Tree trimming keeps limbs away from power lines

CoServ’s Vegetation Management Team works year-round to keep trees trimmed before they can come into contact with power lines.

CoServ invests in tomorrow with new technology and equipment

Smart grid technology and a digging truck are some of the examples of how CoServ is Investing in Tomorrow to increase reliability.

What to expect on your September bill

The mercury topped 100 degrees or higher on all but seven days, the average high was 104.2 degrees and there wasn’t a trace of rain.