About CoServ

CoServ is an Electric Cooperative and Gas Distribution company serving eight counties in North Texas with over 470,000 combined electric and gas meters. Over the past 87 years, CoServ has transformed into one of the fastest-growing co-ops in the country.

Despite this record growth, CoServ maintains its dedication to bringing our Members and Customers safe and reliable energy. In 2023, CoServ Members experienced uninterrupted service 99.99 percent of the time!

Whether it’s electrifying a farm for the first time or installing the latest smart technology on the grid, the goal has always been the same: to provide safe and reliable service to our Members and Customers by investing in tomorrow through our Employees, Members and Customers, Community, technology, service and growth.

Annual Reports

Every year we publish an Annual Report that shows how we served you during the past year.

By reviewing our Annual Reports, you can:

  • Hear directly from our President/CEO and Chairman of the Board
  • Get to know your Board of Directors, whom you elect
  • Review our financial stability

Click here to view past Annual Reports.


Mission / Vision:

CoServ's Mission is to deliver excellent service to our Members and Customers by providing safe and reliable energy solutions.

CoServ's Vision is to be a respected leader dedicated to implementing innovative ideas that fulfill the needs of those we serve.

Core Values:

CoServ commits to providing our Employees with a stable work environment with learning and growth opportunities. We value innovative, capable and dedicated Employees. Guided by our Core Values—Respect, Accountability, Integrity, Service, Excellence and Safety—we serve each other as we serve our Members and Customers.

Allowing others their dignity and showing belief in another's potential.

Willingness of an individual or organization to accept responsibility for actions.

Regarded as the honesty and truthfulness of one's actions.

Given when one acts for the benefit of another.

An ongoing effort to improve products, services, or processes through action.

A personal responsibility and choice accomplished through training, education and awareness.

The Cooperative Advantage
Cooperative Principles