Pipelines In Your Community

CoServ is committed to the safe and reliable operation of natural gas pipelines in your community. If a gas pipeline appears damaged in any way—even if it appears to be minor—call CoServ Gas at 844-330-0763. Emergency calls are answered 24/7.

Tips for Home Improvement Projects

Call 811 before you dig or excavate 16 inches or deeper. The operator will schedule a utility location company to mark underground lines at no cost to you.

Call 48 hours (two business days) before you start your project. State law requires this notice to allow companies enough time to flag underground lines.

If you smell gas, leave the area immediately and, once you're a safe distance away, call 911 and CoServ Gas at 844-330-0763.

Watch for the marks. A utility location company will mark the approximate location of buried lines with paint, flags, stakes or a combination. Because a utility location company marks these lines, you may see multiple utility flags in your yard, CoServ or otherwise.

All underground line markers use a recognized color code:

  • White = Proposed Excavation
  • Red = Electric
  • Pink = Temporary Survey Marking
  • Orange = Communication
  • Yellow = Natural gas and petroleum
  • Purple = Irrigation
  • Blue = Potable Water
  • Green = Sewer and drain lines

Remember: The only way to ensure the exact location of a pipeline is to practice the “call 811 before you dig” rule. And, if you're concerned about the markers that have been placed, just call 811. They'll be happy to help!

Recognizing A Gas Leak

Look: Persistent bubbling in standing water or discolored vegetation are signs of a possible leak.

Listen: Note any unusual noise like a hissing or roaring sound (Please note: During the winter months, you may notice hissing noises coming from your gas meter. This is the normal sound of natural gas flowing through the meter to power appliances. If you smell gas, contact CoServ Gas immediately).

Smell: Natural gas is odorless in its original state. An additive that smells like rotten eggs is injected into the gas supply to help Customers smell and identify the release of natural gas.

If a Gas Leak Occurs

Go to a safe area and call 911 and CoServ Gas at 844-330-0763. CoServ Gas will immediately dispatch trained personnel and provide information to public safety officials to aid in their response.

Do NOT touch, breathe, or make contact with leaking gas. Stay upwind.

Do NOT light a match, start an engine, use a telephone, operate light switches, or do anything that may create a spark.

Do NOT attempt to extinguish any pipeline fire that may start.

Do NOT drive into a leak or vapor cloud area. Automobile engines may ignite the vapors.

Gas Pipeline Safety PDF files: