Serving North Texas Since 1937

About CoServ

CoServ is an electric and gas distribution company serving North Texas since 1937. Doing business as CoServ Electric since 1998, we now have over 11,253 miles of electric infrastructure serving more than 264,000 meters across Denton, Collin, Cooke, Grayson, Tarrant and Wise counties. Our natural gas affiliate, CoServ Gas, was established in 1998 and serves more than 137,000 gas meters in Denton, Collin and Kaufman counties.

Mission / Vision:

CoServ's Mission is to deliver excellent service to our Members and Customers by providing safe and reliable energy solutions.

CoServ's Vision is to be a respected leader dedicated to implementing innovative ideas that fulfill the needs of those we serve.

Core Values:

CoServ commits to providing our Employees with a stable work environment with learning and growth opportunities. We value innovative, capable and dedicated Employees. Guided by our Core Values—Respect, Accountability, Integrity, Service, Excellence and Safety—we serve each other as we serve our Members and Customers.

Allowing others their dignity and showing belief in another's potential. 

Willingness of an individual or organization to accept responsibility for actions. 

Regarded as the honesty and truthfulness of one's actions. 

Given when one acts for the benefit of another. 

An ongoing effort to improve products, services, or processes through action. 

A personal responsibility and choice accomplished through training, education and awareness.


Back in 1937, your neighborhood was rural. No subdivisions, shopping malls or interstates—just farmland and country roads. The large, investor-owned utilities decided against expanding to your area because it wasn't profitable. So a group of residents formed Denton County Electric Cooperative, which later became known as CoServ, distributing electricity and, starting in 1998, gas. Here is an overview of the past:

MAY 1937: Denton County Electric Cooperative is chartered.

 Near FM 2450, just north of Krum, first lines energized with power from Texas Power & Light, providing electricity to 1,034 Members for .09 cents per kWh.

JULY 1938:
 First Annual Meeting conducted, and Members elect the first Board of Directors.

 Denton County Electric becomes a member of Brazos Electric Power Cooperative, our current wholesale provider.

AUGUST 1984:
 Headquarters moved from University Drive in Denton to Swisher Road in Corinth.

 Denton County Electric begins doing business as CoServ, an abbreviation of “Cooperative Services.”

JULY 1998: 
CoServ Gas established.

JANUARY 1999: CoServ Gas signs up first two customers.

SEPTEMBER 1999: Headquarters relocated to 7701 S Stemmons Freeway in Corinth.

APRIL 2004:
 100,000th meter installed, making CoServ the second-largest electric cooperative in Texas.

JANUARY 2006: 
CoServ Gas sets its 50,000th meter.

JUNE 2007: First full-scale annual report published to show Members CoServ's financial stability and stewardship. 

 CoServ celebrates 70 years of serving our Members—all 120,000 of them.

DECEMBER 2008: CoServ Gas becomes a wholly owned affiliate of CoServ Electric.

DECEMBER 2009:  CoServ Electric sets its 150,000th meter. 

JANUARY 2010: CoServ Gas sets its 70,000th meter.

JANUARY 2012: CoServ Gas sets its 75,000th meter

DECEMBER 2013: CoServ Electric sets its 175,000th meter.

JANUARY 2014: CoServ Gas sets its 85,000th meter.

SEPTEMBER 2015: Official dedication ceremony held for CoServ Solar Station. CoServ begins offering Members a solar rate option. More

JUNE 2016: CoServ Electric sets its 200,000th meter; CoServ Gas sets its 100,000th meter. 

MAY 2017: CoServ celebrates 80 years of service.